17 de outubro de 2017
Proceedings of the 2012 International Research Conference on Short Sea Shipping
Autor: Vários - ISBN: 978-972-98324-6-8
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CD que inclui todos os papers apresentados na Conferência 2012 International Research Conference on Short Sea Shipping:
 - Logistics Corridors and Short Sea Shipping in the Baltic Sea Area - Joachim R. Daduna, Kristina Hunke and Gunnar Prause
- The Distribution of Short-Sea Shipping Routes - César Ducruet and Olaf Merk
- The Effect of Changing Economic Environment on the Ferry Shipping Market in Northern Europe - Ilona Urbanyi-Popiolek, Magdalena Klopott, Kasia A. Kurek
- COMPASS - The competitiveness of European Short Sea Freight Shipping Compared with Road and Rail Transport - Eef Delhaye, Tim Breemersch, Kris Vanherle, and James Kehou
- An Innovative and Comprehensive Methodology for Financial Risk Assessment of Shipping Companies with the Aim of Promoting Sustainability - Panayotis G. Zacharioudakis, Nikolaos Katzouros, Dimitrios V. Lyridis
- New Concept for a Short Sea Shipping Service on the St. Lawrence River, Canada - Martin Fournier
- Assessing Short-Sea Liner Shipping Potential: Example of Portuguese Trades - Simme Veldman and Marten van den Bossche
- The Optimization of a Fleet for the Sea Motorway: Vigo-St. Nazaire - Alba Martínez López, Pilar Caamaño Sobrino, Laura Castro Santos and Blanca Priego Torres
- Short Sea Shipping in the Gulf of Finland – Case Helsinki-Tallinn - Ulla Tapaninen, Pekka Sundberg and Antti Posti
- Critical Issue and Possible Developments of Italian Motorways of the Sea - Maria Arcangela Bevilacqua and Marco Petrelli
- The Italian Roll-On Roll-Off Sector: From the Puzzle of Statistics to a Realistic Scenario - Maria Ines Cusano and Massimo Albanese
- Italian Motorways of the Sea: When Great Expectations Turn to Lost Occasions - Alessio Tei and Claudio Ferrari
- Analysis of the Supply of Short-Sea Shipping Services in Spain Using the Lineport Database - Lorena Sáez Carramolino, Eva Pérez García, Amparo Mestre Alcover and María Feo Valero
- Sea Motorways vs. Roads: An Analysis of their Relevance on the Spanish-French Atlantic Coastline - Alba Martinez-Lopez, Lorena Garcia-Alonso and José Ángel Vallejo-Pinto
- An Overview of Short Sea Shipping Integrated Logistics Services Providing: Port of Santos Case - Leo Robles and Renata Carvalho
- Maritime Ports and Inland Interconnections: A Transactional Analysis of Container Barge Transport in France - Emeric Lendjel and Marianne Fischman
- Opportunities and Challenges of the Short Sea Shipping Industry. Investigating the External Environment - Ana Cristina Paixão Casaca, Sónia Carvalho and Mário Oliveira
- Electronic T2L as a Solution to Improve Short-Sea Shipping and Motorways of the Sea in Europe - Eva Pérez García , José García, Miguel Llop and Amparo Mestre Alcover
- An Analysis of the Brazilian Coastal Shipping Regulation System - Floriano Pires Jr. and Fellipe Casanova de Souza
- Containers Management Simulation in Short Sea Shipping Terminals - Alessandro Baldassarra, Alessandro Margiotta, Cristiano Marinacci, and Stefano Ricci
- Multimodal Transportation in Eastern Europe: A Ukrainian Legislative Perspective - Proshanto K. Mukherjee and Olena Bokareva
- Proposition for Modelling an Intermodal Transport Network using fast Short Sea Terminals in Brazil - Afonso C. Medina, Nayara A. L. Valois, and Rui C. Botter
- Life Cycle Assessment of Fuels for Short Sea Shipping - Selma Bengtsson, Karin Andersson and Erik Fridell
- MLQ Analysis of Leadership in Short Sea Shipping - Olga Delgado, Víctor García and Xavier Martínez
- Oil Vs LNG Fuelled Ro-Ro Service for Greece as an Alternative to Road Transport - Stratos Papadimitriou, Ernestos Tzannatos and Ioannis Koliousis
- A Systems Perspective on Practical Experiences of Marine SCR Installations - Cecilia Österman and Mathias Magnusson
- Energy Efficiency Index Statistical Analysis Through Vessel Operating Data - Andrea Coraddu, Massimo Figari and Stefano Savio
- U.S. Short Sea Vessel Crewing Issues and the Ship Admeasurement System in Comparison with the European System - William J. Lindman and Gerhardt Muller
- Air Pollution from Ships: A Legal Perspective for Short Sea Shipping in European Countries - Laurent Fedi
- People May not Change but Perhaps their Behaviour Can? Behaviour Based Safety Process in Short Sea Shipping Safety - Nikolaos P. Ventikos, Georgios V. Lykos and Ioanna I. Padouva
- Decision Support for a Sustainable Shipping – How Can Scientists Contribute? - Karin Andersson
- Is Natural Gas the Solution for Port Pollution Avoidance in Spanish SSS Ports? - Juan José Usabiaga Santamaría, Marcel La Castells i Sanabra and F. Xavier Martínez de Osés
- Barriers for Improving Energy Efficiency in Short Sea Shipping - A Case Study - Hannes Johnson, Mikael Johansson, and Karin Andersson
- Improving Maritime Safety in Short Sea shipping - Jouni Lappalainen, Jenni Storgård, and Ulla Tapaninen
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Autor: Vários - ISBN: 978-972-98324-6-8
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